Nov 29, 2022 | Politics

Balenciaga Exposed, It’s Gotten Far Worse!

Balenciaga Exposed, It's Gotten Far Worse!

I want to stop covering the Balenciaga Scandal because it makes me sick each time I look at it…but it just keeps getting worse!

And we have to tell you the full story.

Because the only way to stop evil is to shine light on it.

And this thing needs a LOT of light…

And chlorox…

And garlic…

And whatever else stops and kills evil.

Because if you thought it was bad before (and it was!) you might not be prepared for this next stuff.

I’m going to start with this YouTube video from the guy over at A Call For An Uprising, who does fantastic work.

A true “Deplorable”.

Glad to have him on our side exposing this stuff!

And for his efforts in exposing Balenciaga, his latest YouTube video received a strike.


Because it told too much truth.

He left the video up anyway and I’m now sharing with you:

Backup here on Source link

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