Nov 28, 2022 | Politics

Balenciaga’s Child Trafficking Connection

Balenciaga's Child Trafficking Connection

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Many of you have heard the rumors of a potential connection between Balenciaga and child trafficking. Like always, the media has been shutting it down, censoring everything that is in the open. I wanted to post about this somewhere but knew that if I posted it on Instagram, it would probably be removed, so I’ve decided to put my research into this article.

Every time something like this comes out, more of the world is being woken up. First, there were the WikiLeaks emails, then Pizzagate, then Jeffery Epstein, then Wayfair, and now finally Balenciaga(there have been more, but these have been the most popular ones).

In this article, I will just be asking a lot of questions. I don’t…

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