Jan 26, 2023 | Politics

Balenciaga 2.0? This Is Way Worse…

Balenciaga 2.0? This Is Way Worse...

Think Balenciaga was bad?

It was.

Now imagine something worse….much worse!

WARNING: this article contains extremely graphic and disturbing images.  Read at your own risk.  But it must be published.

Allow me to introduce you to Gorsad Kiev or Gorsad Kyiv.

Yup, the same “Kyiv” in Ukraine.

This is Ukrainian based and as the video below says, when you truly understand all that is happening in Ukraine you’re going to be SICK to your stomach…..and then majorly pissed off.

Watch this:

Now let’s dig into some examples…

SECOND WARNING: this is where it gets nasty.

Here’s the least bad of all, so let’s start here:

Ok fine.

Now we amp it up, buckle up…

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