Jan 30, 2023 | Politics

Archeology Is Proving The Bible 100% Correct

Archeology Is Proving The Bible 100% Correct

I’ve been telling you for a long time that the Bible is not only trustworthy, it is accurate down to the last word.

And that includes its take on history and historical events.

The Bible is clear when it’s making a metaphor or using allegory and it’s also clear when it’s telling a factual, historical record of something that happened.

Yes, there really was a global flood.

Yes, there really were giants!

And it’s that second one I want to focus on today.

I’ve been telling you this for a long time, and now Steve Quayle just went on Greg Hunter’s USA Watchdog and is telling you FIRSTHAND what he and his team are uncovering down in South America.

Spoiler alert: the Giants and Giant bones are real.

And these aren’t just like Shaq is a little bigger than all the rest of us.

No, these are entirely different species with different DNA.

I’ll let Steve explain it to you first…

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