Feb 2, 2023 | Politics

AOC Melts Down On House Floor Over Ilhan Omar

AOC Melts Down On House Floor Over Ilhan Omar

This was entertaining!

AOC had a complete meltdown on the House Floor today.


Because anti-Semite Ilhan Omar got booted from her committee.


Ok, I have so many questions…

First of all, what are “Jewish Space Lasers”?

I assume it refers to the Iron Dome Defense System?

Is “Jewish Space Lasers” suddenly racist or something?

I’m confused.

Also, why is she bouncing around like she’s either preaching in church or has to go pee really badly?

I think in her mind she was sounding like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. but in reality it just came off lame and kinda obnoxious.

But that’s just my opinion.

Then we have this Jeffries guy…

I still have no idea who this guy is or where he came from.

He just showed up one day!

Kind of like Obama.

There was…

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