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ANOTHER Update On My “Call For Help” — Time Sensitive [From NOAH]

ANOTHER Update On My "Call For Help" -- Time Sensitive [From NOAH]

Hey everybody!

Noah here and I know I said we would not be doing any more of these, but allow me to explain here in just a bit.

First, a little history.

A couple weeks ago, I put out a “Call For Help”.

I’m starting a new thing…a mission….and it’s more than I can do myself.

I need help.

So I put out a call for Workers who would be in my Inner Circle.

Totally paid….with great earning opportunity!

People who would be able to jump in, work hard, and make this a success.

And the respond was incredible.

We maxed out a 100 person Zoom call the first one we did.

A lot of people signed up to join the Inner Circle.

But over 400 people wanted to be on that Zoom and it capped at 100, so we did a second one with a higher Zoom limit.

We maxed that one out and a few more joined.

And now here we are…

I have 15 or so rockstars who have joined my Inner Circle, completed all the…

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