Feb 10, 2023 | Politics

Andrew Cuomo Makes Stunning Admission

Andrew Cuomo Makes Stunning Admission

We are unmistakably in a crisis when Andrew Cuomo stands up to criticize the Biden administration…

During the latest episode of his podcast, “As A Matter Of Fact”, which aired on Thursday, Cuomo squarely stated that the Southern states were right about the border crisis.

He then went on to say that the Biden administration was wrong for opening up the border, especially without a proper plan or infrastructure in place to handle the influx of immigrants from Mexico and Central America.

Cuomo rightly points out that no one makes the arduous journey from these countries to the United States unless they know they have a reasonable chance to get in…

These hopes and dreams are the direct results of irresponsible political rhetoric and the reckless lack of a cohesive border policy.

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