Mar 14, 2023 | Politics

Which Joe Biden Is Real?

Which Joe Biden Is Real?

Earlier today, I posted this on Twitter:

But it’s not just a cheeky Twitter post.

It’s a real question.

Which one of these is the real Joe Biden?

Or is it non of them?

What is going on?

I’m not just going to ask the question, I’m going to answer it.

Let’s dig in…

We start here:

FAKE ACTOR? Can You Spot The Real Joe Biden?

Is this the same man in all 4 photos?

Let’s dig in to a very serious question, shall we?

What is going on with Joe Biden?

That’s a very open-ended question that could take hours to unpack, but let’s just talk about his looks and mannerisms.

Is this the same guy from a few years ago?

I wonder.

And so do many of you because I get your emails and videos.

On that note, a big “thank you” very much to my friend Mark who sent me this video.

It’s a…

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