Feb 2, 2023 | Politics

“Hyperpump” Guaranteed Now By The FED…This Is Very Bad If You’re Not Positioned Right…

"Hyperpump" Guaranteed Now By The FED...This Is Very Bad If You're Not Positioned Right...

As you know, I’ve been shouting from the rooftops that Bo Polny says you might want to get into crypto!

He says big moves are coming.

But now I want to show you another friend of mine.

This is Christopher Greene from AMTV and he just said something VERY similar.

After the FED meeting yesterday, Greene now says the “Hyperpump” is inevitable and guaranteed now by the FED.


Watch this:

I can’t give away Bo’s information in his Newsletter (I want to be fair to his paid subscribers) but I will tell you Bo just released an update tonight with a new report and an even bigger move is coming.

Several, in fact.

Some up big, some down big.

Bo says according to what he sees it’s not too late for you to still get in.

So don’t feel like you’ve missed the ride, there is still so much more to go!

Plus….Bo really…

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