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A Decades-Long Shortage Of Anti-Venom?

A Decades-Long Shortage Of Anti-Venom?

I recently covered an update from Dr. Ardis (which you can read here: Dr. Ardis update)…

But while writing that article, I also came across this.

I thought you might find it VERY interesting…

This is an update on the “Watch the Water” documentary that went viral recently.

You’ve probably already seen it, but in case you haven’t I have all the details in the article below, plus the full video, plus my take on everything.

You can read that here:

WATCH THE WATER: My Take On The Viral New Documentary [Review by NOAH]

But now I want to advance the story…

Thank you to a reader who tipped me onto this story, because it really is quite interesting.

How many people do you think are affected by snake bites each year?

Has to be a relatively small number, right?

It is.

A very, very small percentage of the world’s population.

And yet…there has apparently been a “serious…

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