Feb 9, 2023 | Politics

A Critical Update On The Chinese Spy Balloon

A Critical Update On The Chinese Spy Balloon

Has there ever been a greater indictment of the Biden administration?

A spy balloon from an adversarial sovereign power was initially spotted over Alaska but was kept from the public until it was floating over Montana…

From there, the balloon crossed the entire continental United States before it was finally shot down over the coast of North Carolina.

Reports indicate that Biden and the Pentagon disagreed over when and where to shoot down the balloon and the Chinese government has vehemently denied that the unmanned aircraft was a tool of espionage.

For days the CCP has claimed that the downed balloon was nothing more than a civilian research effort into atmospheric and meteorological phenomena.

Since then, reporter Chuck Callesto has claimed that” US intelligence confirms Chinese spy balloon WAS part of Global Surveillance OPERATION to collect information on military sites…

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