Jan 27, 2023 | Politics

A Big Fart On The View?

A Big Fart On The View?

And now a word from The View:

Lol, sorry about that, I got distracted.

And I am going to apologize one additional time before we get started…

This article is very juvenile in nature.

It involves farts and fart jokes.

If you’re a 7th grade boy, you might find this hilarious….

Hey, as always, I don’t make the news I just report it.

And today the report involves a huge fart being ripped by one of the “ladies” on The View.

Judge for yourself, this should start at the key moment at the 4:20 minute mark:

I can’t run this story and not think instantly about another story.

I wonder if you can guess?

Maybe you had the same thought.

Eric “the Farter” Swalwell.

Ah, what a distinguished member of Congress.

Remember when he did…

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