Mar 17, 2023 | Politics

5,000 Pounds Of Uranium MISSING

5,000 Pounds Of Uranium MISSING

How does one lose 2.5 tons of uranium?

That seems to be the million-dollar question everyone is pondering, yet this is exactly what was reported to have happened in war-torn Libya yesterday.

According to a Reuters report, 5,000 pounds of uranium mysteriously disappeared from an unsecured location in Libya—this report was filed on March 16th.

Today we are seeing reports that an armed paramilitary group known as the Libyan National Army claims to have recovered and secured the missing uranium.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to believe the Libyan National Army or its spokesperson, Khaled Al Mahjoub, is being entirely truthful here—we have to take statements made by Middle Eastern paramilitary men with a grain of salt. …

Hopefully, Mahjoub is being truthful, but something tells me he isn’t. Here’s what is currently being reported:



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