Feb 22, 2023 | Politics

15 Things School Won’t Teach You!

15 Things School Won't Teach You!

I watched this video today and I was blown away.

Patrick Bet-David has really become a guy I admire a lot.

Lots of wisdom with this man.

In fact, this video was SO good I had to share it with you.

And then I have to ask you this question as you watch: Imagine a world where our kids went to a school like THIS 👇 instead of the schools they go to?

How quickly would our world transform?

Now ask the question in reverse.

Our schools did used to be a lot better.

A lot more practical.

And the Far-Left Deep State Globalists took a 40-year view to destroy America.

They knew they had to do it by the schools, so they systematically dumbed-down and destroyed our school systems.

They pushed toxic, far-left ideas….

They turned children against parents by the brainwashing…

They dumbed us down, taught us how to only pass tests (if that) but definitely not how to THINK.

Man, I was truly blown…

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