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Robin Bullock and Timothy Dixon’s Historic Stand In Washington!

Robin Bullock and Timothy Dixon's Historic Stand In Washington!

By now, I’m sure everyone knows the historic (50-years in the making) news we had this week as the demonic Roe vs. Wade was finally overturned by our Supreme Court!



If you would have asked me a year ago if I thought this was even possible, I might have laughed.

But many prophets never doubted and they told us this was coming!

More on that below…

Other prophets like Timothy Dixon and Robin Bullock not only believed it was coming but they took action holding an event at the steps of the Supreme Court several months ago.

Do you remember this?

I have the video in case you’ve never seen it.

It’s worth watching.

Make no mistake folks the power of prayer and the power of prophetic declarations!

From a few months ago, this may have been the turning point in our country.

Watch here on Rumble:

Isn’t that amazing?

And here’s more on prophecies fulfilled…

Please watch here:

Here’s more…

Did Bo Polny nail it again?

Looks like it, with near perfection!

I had Bo back on my show last week and it was an AWESOME interview, but I didn’t know exactly how accurate it would soon play out.

I have the full interview for you down below, but here is a short 4-minute clip that shows Bo nailed the Bitcoin drop with near-perfection.

And what’s more exciting is what he says happens NEXT…

Watch here:

👉 Bo’s Website: https://www.gold2020forecast.com/ PROMO CODE: WLT49, Expires June 24, 2022

And here’s a backup of that same clip on Rumble in case that gets taken down for having too much truth:

And if you want the FULL interview, I’ve got that here….

This may have been the most fun I’ve had doing an interview, I looked up and all of a sudden we were about 50 minutes into the interview and it only felt like 10.  The time flew by!

I love talking to Bo because he gives you the good, bad and the ugly.

And there’s plenty of all three in this latest update…

Bo sees a MASSIVE stock market crash coming that will be blamed on the current “Resident” of the White House.

He says it will be historic in terms of any we have seen before.

He also gives his update on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies (spoiler alert: he’s not backing down from $100,000 in 2022)…

And he’s also not backing down from Trump’s Return — and not just in 2024 by an election, Bo still says well before that.

I think you’re going to love this one.

I’m not sure if YouTube will allow this to stay up for long, but we can try (scroll down for the safe Rumble link):

And if YouTube takes it down because it has too much truth, that’s ok…we have a backup you can enjoy on Rumble.

The truth will NOT be silenced…

Be sure to scroll down below the Rumble video to grab Bo’s slides.

Watch it right here safely on Rumble:

👉 Download Bo’s slides for free: https://qrco.de/bd61ug

👉 If you want Bo’s trading Newsletter, go to https://www.gold2020forecast.com/cryptocurrency-index ➡️ use code WLT49 for 50% off a 2-week trial.

Love to get your comments on this one…

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