Jun 28, 2022 | Politics

Tucker Carlson Unwittingly Raises Money For Pro-Choice

Tucker Carlson Unwittingly Raises Money For Pro-Choice

We live in interesting times…

Before we begin, I just want to explain what an NFT is. An NFT is a digital line of code that points to something on the internet; whoever owns the code owns the item in question.

NFTs can point to virtually anything on the internet, including art or images, and can even represent real-world items like houses, collectibles, and cars.

Recently, one user minted an NFT of a screenshot from the Tucker Carlson Tonight show:

The image wasn’t minted by the Tucker Carlson Tonight producers, himself, or Fox News, and it has since raised money for a cause that I am sure Carlson opposes…

According to sources, the NFT has since raised over $14,000 for pro-choice activists:

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