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Tom Hanks FLIPS OUT On Fan

Tom Hanks FLIPS OUT On Fan

It appears Tom Hanks isn’t as calm and collective as he appears in movies.

Movie star Tom Hanks alongside his wife were met by a crowd of fans outside a sushi spot in New York City.

Some members of the crowd got a little too excited and ended up bumping into Tom Hanks’ wife Rita Wilson.

The mistake sent Hanks in rage and immediately the star of Forrest Gump blurted “back the F*** Up”.

Watch the moment it happened here:

In Tom’s defense the fans literally almost knocked over his wife, the problem is he yelled at the wrong guy.

This guy almost knocked Rita over:

But Tom yelled at this kid:

Fox News added these details:

Tom Hanks quickly jumped into action and yelled at a group of fans to “back the f–k off” from wife Rita Wilson after she was nearly knocked over while leaving dinner at Nobu Wednesday night in New York City.

Hanks appeared stunned. “Knocking over my wife?” he asked as he stood looking visibly annoyed.

Hanks, 65, followed Wilson out of the trendy sushi spot with a few security guards leading the way to their vehicle, and a group quickly surrounded the couple, at some point causing Rita to nearly lose her footing.

The “Forrest Gump” star immediately made space for his wife by holding out his arms so that the autograph seekers would take a few steps back.

One bystander attempted to help Hanks keep his cool while Wilson made her way to the vehicle.

“These people are relentless. Sorry about that, Tom,” the bystander said.

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