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Spiritual Warfare: Part 2 | Prophetic Word

Spiritual Warfare: Part 2 | Prophetic Word

This is Part 2 of a series we started covering last week with Pastor Robb Goodman.

If you missed Part 1, catch up here first:

Divine Principles of Warfare | Chariots of Fire Surround!

And now for Part 2.

Part 2 is titled: “Offensive and Defensive Weaponry in Scripture” and at the very beginning it features a spontaneous prophetic word from Pastor Goodman.

Here is a brief summary:

Today’s message is all about the Offensive & Defensive Weaponry in Scripture. The Lord gave me a strong prophetic Word regarding our Government and how the Lord is going to deal with our leaders. He, Jesus is not pleased with our Government leaders and our fake president. Jesus said unto the Pharissee’s and teacher of the law, “Woe unto you, you brood of vipers. Woe unto you blind leaders of the blind. You’re like a white washed sepulcher filled with dead men’s bones!”
Today’s message will teach you how to use the weapons effectively against our enemy, Satan and his demonized servants. May the Lord teach us how wage spiritual warfare. Be blessed by the Lord as you listen. Today’s message is a little longer than usual, but I believe that was sanctioned by the Lord.  God bless you all & may God bless America and President Trump! Amen.

Please enjoy right here and make sure you don’t miss the prophetic word at the beginning, just after the opening prayer.

It’s very encouraging!


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