Jun 28, 2022 | Politics

SHAM J6 ‘Witness’ Cassidy Hutchinson EXPOSED

SHAM J6 'Witness' Cassidy Hutchinson EXPOSED

How much did they have to pay this Abercrombie model for her contrived testimony?

The last-minute, surprise testimony of Cassidy Hutchinson doesn’t make any sense according to Jack Posobiec, and based on his analysis I have to agree…

Exactly how did President Trump attempt to wrestle control away from the Secret Service driver?

It certainly doesn’t help that Hutchinson stands accused of changing her story in just a few short days either, and President Trump took to Truth Social to call her out on it…

Other sources claim that Hutchinson couldn’t exactly have been bothered by the allegations she levied against President Trump because she was planning on working at Mar-a-Lago 8 days after January 6th

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