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January 6 Hearings ‘About as Compelling’ as Watergate

January 6 Hearings 'About as Compelling' as Watergate

MSNBC “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough on Friday reacted to the previous day’s House Select Committee on January 6 hearings.

Scarborough described the hearing as “about as compelling” as Watergate. He told viewers that they were “looking at history” with the hearings.

“It really, yesterday, [was] about as compelling of any hearing we’ve seen on Capitol Hill since the days of Watergate,” Scarborough declared. “I was young when the Watergate hearings were on. I was upset because we had only had four channels then, and I wanted to see the ‘Flintstones’ and ‘Mister Ed,’ but my parents were sitting in front, watching Watergate, and it was so compelling. And you see those clips, and it’s history. And you don’t think you’re ever going to see anything like that again.

“But actually … we did see something, and we keep seeing every one of these January 6 hearings,” he added. “You’re looking at history, you understand it, because, again, it drives home the point that maybe we’ve just gotten a little numb to all of us as a nation that there was a president who tried to steal an election, tried to shred the Constitution, was encouraging a mob to kill his vice president, and was trying to take over the Justice Department. And my God, there were lines straight out of a movie yesterday from these Justice Department officials who stood up to the President of the United States and said, we are going to walk out and leave you without a functioning Justice Department. It was extraordinary testimony.”

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