Jun 22, 2023 | Celebrity

Joe Biden’s 2024 Campaign Struggles to Raise Cash

Joe Biden's 2024 Campaign Struggles to Raise Cash

President Joe Biden’s 2024 campaign fundraising is reportedly not going so well.

A dozen bundlers and donors across the country told Politico that Biden’s campaign fundraising numbers are not as strong as he hoped, causing “anxiety,” “concern,” and “nervousness” among his supporters.

The picture will become clearer next month when the 2024 campaigns file Federal Election Commission (FEC) reports. Biden’s goal is to raise about $2 billion for the entire cycle to defeat the Republican nominee.

“One DNC official dismissed the early anxiety as typical sky-is-falling tactics that bundlers use every election cycle,” Politico reported.

But two people who tried to raise money in California for the president this week reportedly only received single-digit responses:

One joked that the same two or three dozen Democrats were emailing and calling the same list…

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