Aug 6, 2022 | Politics

Two Lightning Strikes, Message Cannot Be Missed

Two Lightning Strikes, Message Cannot Be Missed

Even if you don’t believe in prophetic messages, you have to admit this is some wild stuff.

Sure, you could chalk it all up to “coincidence” and if that’s you then that’s ok.

As for me, I’m hard pressed to believe this isn’t a message we should take seriously.

First is a widely-reported story you may have seen about a lightning strike in D.C.

Take a look here:

We covered it here:

Lightning STRIKES Near White House Hospitalizing Four People

Deadly lightning strike directly in front of the White House?

It happens.  Ok.  Once is a coincidence.

Now let’s move on to the second one that you might not have seen reported much.

Here is a Palm Tree in Arizona struck by lightning and set ablaze:

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