Jun 22, 2022 | Politics

President Trump Issues NEW Statement On Biden’s Illegitimacy

President Trump Issues NEW Statement On Biden's Illegitimacy

The same people who vehemently denied any evidence of UFOs for over 70 years want you to believe their new lie…

“No evidence exists for widespread voter fraud”—this blatant lie is one of the most egregious falsehoods I have ever heard in my life—the evidence is staggering. 

In response to the clearly fraudulent 2020 election, the Texas GOP recently issued an official statement declaring Biden to be an illegitimate leader.

Liberals experienced their usual meltdown over the happy news and expressed the idea that more states will follow Texas’ lead and also declare Biden illegitimate.

The actions of Texas were not lost on President Trump, who took to Truth Social to voice support for the Texas GOP’s recent press release:

The Hill explained:

The state party adopted the platform at its biennial convention this past weekend, also approving a resolution to reject the 2020 presidential election results.

It claims that “substantial election fraud in key metropolitan areas” occurred in five swing states, leading to Biden’s victory.


Reuters continued:

According to a recent Reuters/Ipsos poll, about two-thirds of Republicans believe the 2020 presidential election was stolen from Trump.

State and federal judges dismissed more than 50 lawsuits brought by Trump and his allies challenging the election while reviews and audits found no evidence of widespread fraud.

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