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Only 35% Say January 6 Kangaroo Court Will Impact Vote

Only 35% Say January 6 Kangaroo Court Will Impact Vote

One of our most accurate pollsters found that only 32 percent of voters say the Congressional January 6 Kangaroo Court findings will impact their vote.

The poll doesn’t say how it will impact their vote. How many of those 32 percent will vote against Democrats for focusing on nonsense as we head into a recession?

Meanwhile, a whopping 62.3 percent say the findings will not make an impact.

You know, I’m pretty sure that 62 percent is enough to win elections.

Get this…

A whopping 75 percent of independent voters — 75 percent!say the January 6 Kangaroo Court will not impact their vote.

Meanwhile, a measly 17 percent of independents — only 17 percent! — say the findings will impact their vote.

Welcome to the media fail of all media fails.

January 6 Committee Hearings (Susan Walsh / Associated Press)

A video exhibit plays as the House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol continues to reveal its findings of a year-long investigation, at the Capitol in Washington, Monday, June 13, 2022. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

How big of a fail is this? Well, only 63 percent of Democrats — Democrats!say the January 6 Kangaroo Court will impact their vote, while a full 35 percent say it will not.

The January 6 hearings were such a failure they can’t even herd together two-thirds of the Democrat Party to care.

If you’ve been following the TV ratings for this fiasco, these results are no surprise. Watergate Hearings: 2022 was supposed to boost the ratings for MSNBC and CNNLOL, and it has not.

This is even worse for the media and Democrats than wasting their time screaming lies and hyperbole about “democracy” into their elite, velvet-lined, Morning Joe echo chamber.

Oh, it’s so much worse than that…

What this Kangaroo Court tells the public, most especially the voting public, is that Democrats and the corporate media are still more interested in hunting their Orange Whale (Trump) than dealing with the actual crises everyday Americans are facing. We have an explosion of violent crime, record inflation, record-high gas prices, the sinking of everyone’s 401Ks, and all Democrats and the media want to focus on is Trump-Trump-Trump. And everyone knows this is the same media and Democrat Party that lied to us for five years about Trump colluding with Russia.

Our southern border is wide open with sex trafficking, illegal drugs, and criminals pouring in, and these idiots are obsessing over what everyone knows is a third sham impeachment.

Sure, the arrogance of Democrats and Liz Cheney and the Morning Joe mob is maddening, but this glass is way more than half full. While they waste all their time and energy, they are increasing voter animosity against them by proving they don’t care about the issues voters care about.

If these hacks are lucky, nobody cares. I think voters care a lot about this charade and the results of that caring will blow back on Democrats in November.

That’s a win-win, baby!

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