Jun 28, 2022 | Politics

Nancy Pelosi Needs $3 From Me!

Nancy Pelosi Needs $3 From Me!


Longtime readers will remember “Bullish Noah” but for those who are new, here’s a little background….

It appears as though some joker out there signed my email up for Nancy Pelosi’s fundraising email list.

They probably thought they really got me, but guess what?

I love it!

I love getting a sneak peak on what the enemy is doing and they just invited me into their camp!


They aren’t the brightest.

I guess they knew enough to find my email address but didn’t know enough to realize my name is NOAH, so instead (and I have no idea why) they listed my name as “Bullish“.

Weird, right?

I actually kind of like that too….Bullish sounds strong!  Perfect fit!

From now on, you can refer to me a BULLISH NOAH!

It also reminds me of the prophecies about Trump from Kim Clement that he would be like a BULL in a China shop, not respecting Republicans or Democrats or traditions or rulers.

So that’s the backstory.

Now here’s the latest one I just got.

How hilarious is this?

Nancy Pelosi is begging for $3 from me:

And from a day earlier:

I love how she always seems so distraught too!

Even in their email campaigns, Democrats always sound totally out of control:  “I’ve absolutely had it!”


They sound crazy even when they’re trying to email their own followers.

And yes, I know this is written to be a fundraising email, but isn’t it hilarious how pathetic Democrats sound all the time?

Even on something like this, they just sound so weak and worthless!

But for real….do you know why they sound so scared?

Because they are.

Truth be known, they know they stole (literally stole by fraud) the election and they know Trump is coming back.

Not in 2024, but soon.  Very soon!

And you can just FEEL the fear dripping off this “fundraising email”.

Keep up the good work Dems, you are truly hilarious and pitiful all at the same time!

Sincerely yours,


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