Jul 15, 2023 | Politics

Ailing Cities ‘Not My Concern,’ Calls for More Aid to Ukraine %

Ailing Cities 'Not My Concern,' Calls for More Aid to Ukraine %

Former Vice President Mike Pence said during the Family Leadership Summit on Friday that crumbling inner cities are not “his concern” as he argued for more aid to Ukraine.

Pence spoke with former Fox News host Tucker Carlson about a variety of issues, including Ukraine’s conflict with Russia. The former Vice President said that he is confident that if Russian leader Vladimir Putin takes over Ukraine, then Putin will advance toward the rest of Eastern Europe, which the United States will have to defend.

Pence said he wants to give the Ukrainian military what they need to repel Russia. He said that Ukraine’s potential membership with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) will have to be decided after the conflict is over.

“Peace comes through strength, and the United States needs to continue to project strength,” Pence remarked.

In response, Carlson…

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