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The Adversarial Legal System Is the Safeguard to Liberty

The Adversarial Legal System Is the Safeguard to Liberty

WASHINGTON, District of Columbia — Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) stressed the need to protect adversarial procedure in the American justice system, saying, “If the adversarial system doesn’t work, you will lose your rights, you will lose your liberty, potentially culminating in a full loss of life, liberty, and/or property.”

The adversarial system is the one that presumes innocence and requires both sides of a lawsuit to conduct their own investigations, bring witnesses, affords the ability for cross-examination, and safeguards defendants against government bias.

Lee was addressing the Federalist Society’s 2022 National Lawyers Convention in the nation’s capital, warning of an increasingly powerful government and its potential to crush the liberties of the American people.

“We neglect the fact that [government] is just force,” he said. “Government is force, and like…

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