Nov 18, 2022 | Politics

GOP Is the ‘Party of Inhumanity,’ Has No Sense of Empathy

GOP Is the 'Party of Inhumanity,' Has No Sense of Empathy

MSNBC co-host Mika Brzezinski said Friday “Morning Joe” the Republican Party is the party of “inhumanity” in policy and behavior.

Brzezinski said, “I ask again and again who raised you, men and women in the House and the far right? I mean, would your mothers like your behavior today? This party, when it comes to policy, and I have talked about this before, it is not exaggerating, calling it the party of inhumanity. A party that has no sense of empathy or humanity when it comes to policy or behavior.”

She added, “This is a party, and I’m talking about Republicans in the House, defiantly not some members of the Senate who take a different route like Mitch McConnell, put out a very generous and appropriate and graceful statement. That’s how it works, guys in the House. But you tend to stay in this inhumane, cruel corner where you can carry out your policies,…

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