Jul 27, 2023 | Celebrity

Trump Is ‘Petrified’ — ‘He’s Panicking Inside’ over Legal Battles

Trump Is 'Petrified' --- 'He's Panicking Inside' over Legal Battles

Michael Cohen, a former personal attorney for Donald Trump, said Wednesday on MSNBC’s “The Beat” that the former president was “panicking inside” over the legal cases he is facing.

Guest anchor Katie Phang asked, “Michael, Trump obviously he wears his emotions on his sleeve as he’s quick to demonize law enforcement and the DOJ, including Jack Smith. Privately, though, what is Donald Trump saying to the people in his immediate orbit about the prospect of actually doing jail time for his crimes?”

Cohen said, “Right now I can assure that he’s panicking, he’s panicking inside. He’ll never allow the public to see it because he likes to give the appearance of strength. And, you know, play the victim, which is what he’s going to continue to play, but Donald is right now petrified. When he’s alone in his Mar-a-Lago room, I assure you he’s thinking about…

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