May 25, 2023 | News

Man Paralyzed in Crash Walks, Thanks to Implants

Man Paralyzed in Crash Walks, Thanks to Implants

A paralyzed man from the Netherlands is doing the incredible, thanks to modern technology and a lot of hard work.

When 40-year-old Gert-Jan Oskam was paralyzed during a motorcycle crash in China 12 years ago, his life became extremely difficult, the New York Post reported Wednesday.

Oskam spent years in physical therapy and later became part of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology’s “digital bridge” program.

The team put implants in his brain and spine that are connected to a computer in a backpack. Whenever he wears special head gear, brain signals telling his body to move communicate with his spinal cord, which in turn, helps his legs move as he wishes, per a study published this week in Nature.

Oskam is overjoyed at the difference in his life, and a photo shows him standing tall while wearing the head device:

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