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***Livewire*** Hollywood Roe Reversal Rage: ‘United States of Whyte Male Patriarchy’

***Livewire*** Hollywood Roe Reversal Rage: 'United States of Whyte Male Patriarchy'

The Hollywood hate parade raged into the late evening on Friday after the Supreme Court ruling in the case, Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, No. 19-1392 in the Supreme Court of the United States, established that the Constitution doesn’t include a right to abortion.

The celebrity abortion screeds flowed earlier on Friday from the likes of Seth MacFarlane, Disney stars Pedro Pascal, Rachel Zegler, and Bette Midler, Michael Moore, Ghostbusters: Afterlife star Carrie Coon, Sophia Bush, Elizabeth Banks, and Alyssa Milano, among others.

Below is a real-time catalogue of the smears, threats, and demagoguery, and deep legal insights (LOL, I’m kidding), unhinged rants from a Hollywood elite who have long stop caring about alienating and insulting half of America.
Here we go.

Orange Is the New Black and Free Willy star Lori Petty says we’re all living in the “United States of Whyte Male Patriarchy.”

Here’s Apple+’s Severance star Patricia Arquette straight up spreading fake news about how women want be about to get abortions in America.

Here’s actor-comedian Michael Rapaport — who earlier on Friday called Justice Clarence Thomas a cocksucker — telling Donald Trump Jr. that his father “considered aborting” him.

Former Saturday Night Live star Leslie Jones called to “expand the Supreme Court.”

Horror novelist Stephen King apparently believes America is on the verge of becoming an autocracy where women are forced to have sex for the purpose of reproducing, or something.

ABC’s Scandal star Kerry Washington shared a nearly three-minute video with her 5.5 million Twitter followers about how people can donate to and support the abortion industry.

Pop star and actor Selena Gomez tweeted the oft-repeated line about a woman being able to “choose.”

Actor Ashton Kutcher went on a tirade about incest.

Super-producer Pharrell Williams has a warning for something called “the antiquated spirited.”

Pop star Billie Eilish trashed the United States during her performance in England.

Music producer Diane Warren made the Roe reversal about herself.

Actress Michelle Monaghan promoted access to abortion pills.

Actress-comedian Sarah Silverman attacked Democrat senator Kyrsten Sinema.

Charmed and Pretty Little Liars star Holly Marie Combs said Friday was “a great day for rapists.”

The Hangover star Ed Helms called the Roe reversal “an utter disgrace.”

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants actor Amber Tamblyn sent a warning to Democrats.

Comedian Lewis Black bit his tongue but did say, apparently, the SCOTUS has ushered in the “dark ages.”

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