Jun 27, 2022 | Politics

First Thing We’re Doing Is Finishing Trump’s Wall!

First Thing We're Doing Is Finishing Trump's Wall!

Headlines are flying online about Kari Lake “destroying Brett Baier” or “taking down Brett Baier” or “owning Brett Baier” in her latest interview.

I don’t generally like to use those kind of headlines because I feel like they get overused and overhyped way too much.

But every once in a while a story comes along that deserves them.

This is that story.

Kari Lake truly is incredible.

Look, I love DeSantis and Noem and Reynolds and a lot of other great Freedom Fighters out there, but Kari Lake has a cold, hard strength that I haven’t seen since Donald Trump himself.

And she’s also fearless just like President Trump.

Can you see the cream rising to the top?

In his first 4 years in office, President Trump had to identify and then remove the RINOs.

Now it feels like we can start to see who the true allies are.

The true patriots.

The strong patriots.

The people who Trump needs on his side to restore this country.

And he definitely needs a strong Governor in Arizona which he’s about to have in Kari Lake.

I can’t say enough good about here, I’m more impressed with each interview I see her do.

She runs laps around the reporters and even though Brett Baier is (marginally) better than CNN or MSDNC, he still did he best to push the Democrat/RINO talking points and she absolutely knocked down each one and then took down Baier himself!

She brings up all the important topics:

  • Closing the border
  • Building the Wall
  • Investigating 2020
  • Reversing 2020
  • Stopping election fraud
  • And so much more!

Truly wonderful, please enjoy right here on Rumble:

Backup video here if needed:

Love to know what you think….are you a big fan?

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