Aug 6, 2022 | Politics

Joe Biden Destroyed On Twitter For His “Gas Prices” Tweet

Joe Biden Destroyed On Twitter For His "Gas Prices" Tweet

Oh Joe…this did not go well for you.

When will Brandon learn?

Probably never.

No one ever said he was real bright.

So Joe/Brandon sent out the following Tweet earlier today and it went so bad I’m surprised it hasn’t been taken down yet:

In fact, here’s a screenshot in case it does get deleted:

So I thought I would browse the comments to see what people were thinking.

I went through FOUR pages worth and couldn’t find one positive reply.

Oh, but this guy got more votes than anyone in the history of America?


The replies are so good though, I thought you might enjoy reading them here:

We’re actually taking a poll on this topic…and I’d love your input please:

NATIONAL POLL: Who Is More To Blame For…

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