Jul 5, 2023 | News

Israel Completes Jenin Mission; No Palestinian Civilian Deaths

Israel Completes Jenin Mission; No Palestinian Civilian Deaths

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) pulled out of Jenin on Wednesday after an intense 48-hour campaign against Palestinian terrorists in which one Israeli soldier, and no Palestinian civilians, were killed.

The pullout came after the IDF used drones, air strikes, and commando raids to target terrorist sites in the so-called “refugee camp” — referred to as such because it was settled by those fleeing Israel’s 1948 war of independence, largely at the behest of invading Arab nations.

One such site was a mosque, which was being used as a weapons cache and a fortified stronghold for terrorist guerillas, with a tunnel dug underneath the building. Palestinian terrorists frequently use religious sites and sites near civilian infrastructure to maximize outrage if and when they are targeted by Israel.

The Times of Israel reported: “The operation has focused on a local wing of the…

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