Jul 2, 2023 | Politics

Gorka – Wagner’s ‘Mutiny’ Against Putin Just Doesn’t Add Up

Gorka – Wagner's 'Mutiny' Against Putin Just Doesn't Add Up

Revolutions can be good. Like the one that erupted in 1776 and gave us America.

Others, not so much.

The Russia Revolution of 1917 brought us the Soviet Union, the Warsaw Pact, gulags, the Holomodor, and the Cold War, which although it may have been “cold,” still resulted in the deaths of 100 million innocent people.

As a result, last weekend’s “news” about thousands of mercenaries heading to Moscow to take over the government from Vladimir Putin was disturbing, to say the least.

But not everything was as it may, at first blush, seem.

Ostensibly, the crisis started prior to last weekend, when units of the Private Military Contractor, the Wagner Group, became mired in a minefield in Ukraine, a minefield laid by Russian Federal forces. And when Wagner asked for help to extricate their fighters, allegedly the regular Russian forces shelled and fired rockets at Yevgeny…

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