Jul 4, 2023 | Celebrity

Local Media Reports Vigilante Group Zip-Tying France Rioters

Local Media Reports Vigilante Group Zip-Tying France Rioters

The existence of a masked gang of young men tying up rioters in one town is discussed in French language publications, but the mayor insists no such thing exists and tells locals to call the police if they witness unrest.

Witness accounts of a so-called “brigade anticasseur” (anti-thug brigade) in the port town of Lorlent, Brittany are reported by local newspaper Le Télégramme. In addition to what is reported by members of the public to the paper, a journalist for the publication claims to have seen a group of between 20 and 30 “young, hooded men” wearing balaclavas and gloves performing unofficial arrests.

Using zip-ties to restrain alleged rioters, the men are said to have then handed their captures onto the regular police on Friday night as well as having been seen putting out fires. Described as strongly physically built, fast-moving, and proceeding in a…

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