Jun 22, 2022 | Politics

Biden, Harris, Obama Praise Democrat Now Facing Serious Felony Charges

Former Florida Democrat Gubernatorial Candidate Andrew Gillum Charged With 21 Felonies!

Former Democratic Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum is facing a host of federal felony charges related to campaign fraud.

Back in 2018, when he was squaring off against GOP nominee Ron DeSantis, however, he was seen by some Democrats as the party’s golden child.

In fact, top party leaders including Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and Kamala Harris couldn’t wait to offer their glowing endorsements at the time.

As Fox News reported:

During an October 2018 campaign event in Tampa, Biden praised Gillum as “one of the most exciting, new, young leaders in the nation” and described the November election as “reclaiming America’s soul, for real.”

Weeks later, just days before the election, Obama delivered a speech in Miami during a campaign event for Gillum, calling it the “most important election of our lifetime.”

“The consequences of any of us staying home really are more dangerous,” he said. “Maybe most of all the character of our country is on the ballot.”

Obama also mocked the Trump administration, saying, “they promised to take on corruption – instead they have racked up enough indictments to field a football team.”

Days before the election, Warren recorded a video endorsement for Gillum describing him as a “terrific candidate” and “the leader the Sunshine State needs.”

After Gillum won the Democratic Party’s nomination in August 2018, Harris tweeted, “He’s a strong progressive leader and will make a great Governor of Florida!”

“We need to do everything we can to elect @AndrewGillum,” Harris tweeted that October. “Call up your friends in Florida. Knock on doors. The stakes couldn’t be higher.”

Here are a few other tweets in which Democrats portrayed Gillum as the best choice to lead Florida.

After DeSantis won the race, Harris couldn’t even bring herself to admit the truth.

Of course, Twitter users aren’t being so kind to Gillum in light of the latest development — and many Democrats are suspiciously silent on the matter.

As might be expected, Gillum denied any wrongdoing in a statement this week.

According to USA Today:

Gillum denied any wrongdoing in a statement sent through his campaign.

“I have spent the last 20 years of my life in public service and continue to fight for the people,” Gillum said in a prepared statement. “Every campaign I’ve run has been done with integrity. Make no mistake that this case is not legal, it is political.”

Details of the charges were not immediately available. If he were indicted by a federal grand jury, it’s possible documents detailing the charges will be unsealed soon.

Gillum went on to say, “Throughout my career, I have always stood up for the people of Florida and have spoken truth to power. There’s been a target on my back ever since I was the mayor of Tallahassee. They found nothing then, and I have full confidence that my legal team will prove my innocence now.”

Here’s a clip of Biden emphatically campaigning for Gillum:

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