Aug 6, 2022 | Politics

Exposing The Freemasons…

Exposing The Freemasons...

Thank you to a reader (John Q.) who sent me an article from LifeSiteNews on the Freemasons.

He sent it to me with the caption:  “You’ll like this…” and he was right.

We’ve covered the Freemasons many times here at WeLoveTrump and I’m always happy to shine a light on this organization.

The title of the LifeSite article was:

Great question.

Longtime readers will know my answer to that question, but first let’s explore some text from the article.

From LifeSite, here’s just a portion:

Affected appearance of honesty

In the first magisterial condemnation of Freemasonry, In Eminenti, Clement XII accused the Masons of “affecting an appearance of natural honesty.” If Masonry is indeed an affected appearance of honesty, it would be good to see what lies beneath the Masonic show of brotherhood and charity, both to expose the lie and avoid becoming its unwitting…

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