Feb 10, 2023 | Celebrity

The States Are the Shock Troops of the ESG Battle of 2023

The States Are the Shock Troops of the ESG Battle of 2023

One of the most important policy battles of 2023 is already happening quietly and outside of the media spotlight. Indeed, many Americans are completely unaware that it is underway. It is over the Left’s ESG (environmental, social and governance)-driven investments and their corrosive effect on the country.

Over the past two years, the Left has launched a determined campaign to advance their climate, gun-control, and abortion objectives not through legislation, but through the allocation and denial of capital.

The proponents of ESG-driven investments are using woke investment firms like BlackRock to phase out fossil fuels, weaken agriculture, hobble the firearms industry, and punish corporations that don’t support abortion. They do so by starving the offending companies of capital and insurance coverage. Worse, ESG- driven funds have waged this war on disfavored companies…

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