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Elitist Hollywood Actor Tells Struggling Americans to ‘STFU’ About Gas Prices

Elitist Hollywood Actor Tells Struggling Americans to 'STFU' About Gas Prices

As ordinary citizens are struggling to pay for gas amid record inflation, it’s clear that some people don’t think $6 a gallon is a big deal at all.

Actor Dean Norris, known for his roles on “Breaking Bad” and “Under the Dome,” recently lambasted average Americans for daring to complain about the cost of such a crucial commodity.

According to Fox News:

Actor Dean Norris criticized people who are complaining about soaring gas prices across the United States.

The “Breaking Bad” star said current gas prices are “fair market” and urged anyone who “love[s] Capitalism” to “stfu,” an acronym for shut the f— up.

“You’re not getting ‘robbed’ at the pump,” Norris wrote in a tweet on Wednesday. “You’re paying fair market price for a commodity. If you love Capitalism so much then stfu.”

Although some fellow leftists surely applauded his elitist viewpoint, many others reacted with disdain.

Although Joe Biden has tried his best to blame high gas prices on Vladimir Putin and other external factors, a number of prominent conservatives are convinced his policies have exacerbated the situation.

Although there was a very minor drop in the average cost of gasoline last week, even CNN acknowledged that things are likely to get worse before they get better:

US drivers got a slight — very slight — break on prices this weekend as the AAA average for a gallon of unleaded gas fell below the $5 mark.

The average price Sunday was $4.98 a gallon, down from $4.99 in Saturday’s reading. The average gas price had been $5 or above for the previous seven days, the first time on record prices crossed that mark. It hit a high of $5.02 a gallon on Tuesday and has declined by a fraction of a penny each day since then.

But drivers shouldn’t get too excited. Beyond the fact that the drop from $5.02 a gallon to $4.98 saves only 80 cents on a 20 gallon fill-up, it’s very likely this is only a temporary retreat in gas prices.

Meanwhile, actors like Norris are telling those Americans who are upset about the current state of affairs to keep it to themselves.

If you haven’t had enough of this actor’s bloviation, here’s a clip in which he trashes Donald Trump for crossing “a moral line.”

Do you think Dean Norris should take his own advice and “STFU”?

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