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Sophisticated ‘Star Wars’ Ride Constantly Breaks Down

Sophisticated 'Star Wars' Ride Constantly Breaks Down

A recent report claims that Disneyland guests are regularly evacuated from the theme park’s Star Wars ride, “Rise of the Resistance,” as often as three times in one day due to various malfunctions.

SFGate reports that Disney’s most technologically advanced ride is facing a number of issues as regular malfunctions often result in the evacuation of disappointed guests. Rise of the Resistance, the ride located in Disney’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge park, is the theme park’s most advanced ride to date and includes an 18-minute long journey involving a rebel base, and brushes with movie villain Kylo Ren. The attraction features a trackless ride system unlike anything else currently in Disneyland.

Footage of the ride shows that when it works, the experience is quite impressive. Check out a working run of the ride below:

However, due to the complicated nature of the ride and multiple moving parts, the attraction shuts down on an extremely regular basis. Multiple times a day the ride is down for maintenance, according to many park guests.

The ride has a number of alternative modes in an effort to cover up malfunctioning sections and keep the ride moving. For example, one scene featuring a Kylo Ren animatronic has a “b mode” where the animatronic is blocked by a piece of broken wall and the villain appears on a screen instead. In another section, moving cannons remain stationary due to the high malfunction rate.

However, even with these alternatives the ride regularly breaks down. One Disneyland guest reported earlier this week that they were evacuated from the ride three times in one day. “I’ve been on RoR 3 times today and have been evacuated every time,” the person posted on Reddit. “Send thoughts and prayers!”

One Redditor responded: “I wonder if it will ever get to a point where this is not the norm. It’s an awesome ride so I hope so.” Another replied: “At least you made it on. We tried several times today and each time it went down before we could even get to the line. It was not having a good day today.”

Disney may want to divert some of its energy away from promoting abortion and producing woke flops and towards ride maintenance if it wants to remain a leading theme park destination.

Read more about Disney’s malfunctioning ride at SFGate here.

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