Jul 4, 2023 | News

We Still Need Race Preferences Because We’ve Had ‘Years of Anti-Asian Hate’

We Still Need Race Preferences Because We've Had 'Years of Anti-Asian Hate'

On Monday’s edition of NBC’s “MTP Now,” Rep. Judy Chu (D-CA) argued that the Supreme Court was wrong to strike down racial preferences in college admissions because discrimination hasn’t ended because there have “been three years of anti-Asian hate.” And “even amongst AAPIs, we see great disparities in education between those on the high end and Pacific Islanders as well as southeast Asians, who have very low numbers with regard to completing a college degree.”

In response to a question on whether racial preferences are supposed to be a temporary measure whose time has passed, Chu said, “Well, can we say that discrimination has ended in this country? I mean, look there [have] been three years of anti-Asian hate. We’ve seen hate crimes on the rise in this country. We have seen very polarized kinds of actions taken against communities of color. No,…

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