Aug 4, 2022 | Politics

“Definitive Proof” FBI is Covering-Up Critical Footage of J6 “Pipe Bomber”

"Definitive Proof" FBI is Covering-Up Critical Footage of J6 "Pipe Bomber"

Despite security cameras being everywhere…

Despite cell phones being everywhere…

The FBI still can’t seem to track the alleged January 6th pipe bomber.

But new analysis of the security footage revealed by the FBI appears to provide “definitive proof” that a cover up is going on.


Well, first of all, not all of the footage was released.

Key moments of security camera footage are “missing.”

And here’s where things are more interesting: the “missing” footage happens to be at the exact moment when the pipe bomb was placed.

What are the odds?

Furthermore, there appear to be cameras recording from multiple angles, so you’d think that at least one of these cameras would have caught the alleged bomber on camera.

But nope… again, the footage is missing.

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