Jun 24, 2022 | Politics

Compromised Pedo?

Compromised Pedo?

Heads up folks…

This one is going to get very rocky, and I want to make clear I am not saying Mike Pence is a pedo.

I’m covering a video from a guy named Jon McGreevey who claims, well, you just have to watch.

The video is from SGT Report, and big props to Sean for always putting out amazing content year after year on his channel.

A truly fearless truth warrior.

Thank you Sean, I’m a big fan!

But before we get into the Pence video, we actually have to back up a step because that video is really Part 2 of a two part video series.

For Part 1 we turn to Lt. General Thomas McInerney who sets the stage and names names: The Traitors & Plot to Destroy America.

Start with this:

And after you’ve watched that, then we move on to Part 2 which focuses on Mike Pence.

Remember how long it took President Trump to select his Vice President?

It was because he never wanted Pence.

But I believe he had to make a deal with the RNC to get on the ballot.

Take Pence, and Trump is allowed to move forward.

Since that time, rumors have swirled about Mike Pence.

Good guy?  White hat?

Or sick, sick man guilty of unspeakable deeds…many involving children?

Once again, I’m not here to make those claims because I don’t know for sure.

But I do know I trust Sean at SGT Report and I find his latest video VERY interesting.

I’ll just let the video do the talking…

Watch here:

I’d love to hear what you think about Pence…

Weigh in here:

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