Mar 7, 2023 | News

Democrats Reviewed Sicknick Video, Lied About Death

Democrats Reviewed Sicknick Video, Lied About Death

Democrats knew that Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick had not been murdered during the Captiol riot, but lied to the public about his death, according to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, based on newly-released video.

Carlson obtained nearly 41,000 hours of previously unreleased raw footage of the Capitol riot that had been suppressed by Democrats but were provided by Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) three weeks ago.

As Breitbart News had previously noted, the Democrat-run January 6 Committee had released only what it wanted the public to see — even deceptively editing some footage — to support claims of an “insurrection.”

Carlson said that the full footage — which the media has only demanded access to now, since Carlson was given it — proved the opposite: that while some people were violent, the vast majority of those in the Capitol were not and may have…

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