Oct 25, 2022 | News

Biden Tries to Pre-Blame Republicans for the Next Recession

Biden Tries to Pre-Blame Republicans for the Next Recession

After getting caught flat-footed on inflation, the Biden administration is determined not to be caught off-guard on the recession. Instead of trying to stave off a downturn, however, it appears to be trying to pre-blame Republicans for it.

Last week, for example, President Joe Biden warned that if Republicans seize the congressional majority in next month’s midterm elections, they will “crash the economy.” In particular, Biden argued that Republican attempts to use the debt ceiling to push for lower spending would damage the economy. “If you’re worried about the economy, you need to know this Republican leadership in Congress has made it clear they will crash the economy next year by threatening the full faith and credit of the United States,” Biden said from White House.

In reality, the economy is almost certainly going to slump next year regardless of which…

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